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Berlin: Part 3

Part 1 Part 2 One of the first challenges you encounter in a foreign land is the need to communicate something without knowing the word for it. There are several options when you find yourself in this situation. A common conception about Americans is that they will just repeat the same word again in English […]

Costa Rica Uncovered: Annotated Photos

To read Part 1 about my trip to Costa Rica, click here. A view passing through the mountains from San Jose to Jaco. En route. My friendly cab driver. Midpoint to Jaco. Stopping to see some crocs, and I don’t mean the shoes. A river that drains into the Pacific Ocean. My cab driver now […]

Berlin: Part 2

             With no itinerary and no map, the three of us had no idea where we were or what we were going to do. By chance, a train station happened to be right next to the Czech embassy, so we decided to take a ride on the U-Bahn. I’m sure an entire essay could be […]

Berlin, Germany – Part 1: Into the heart of the lion’s den

  I moved to Prague at the end of July 2009. Prior to my departure, I had signed up to take a month long training course at a language school there to teach English as a foreign language. Upon successful completion of said course, I would receive a certificate and be offered a job within their school, […]

Jacó, Costa Rica

  Costa Rica is in the news today because of an earthquake there. When is Costa Rica ever in the news? Did you know they are one of the few countries on earth that does not have a military? Have you ever thought about Costa Rica?  You might want to consider it. As for myself, […]


Perhaps it’s fitting that in less than one month from today’s first entry I will be 30 years old. It occurs to me that though I am not truly old on a human, much less galactic, level, I have already forgotten most of what I’ve learned. Life has turned into a slippery slope of trying […]