Monthly Archives: February 2013

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Hi there!If you’re now reading this, I suppose there is a decent chance you might actually like the content on this website. Well, dear reader, I ultimately aim to please. Should you care to receive notifications when new material has been published online, you have two options: You can subscribe as a “Follower” if you […]

The Classroom

          The classroom was a narrow, angular room on the top floor of the building. A horseshoe shaped arc of desks covered the circumference of the room. The desks were those hybrid combinations of table and chair, consisting of metal and molded hard plastic, in order to save space. The table top could be folded […]

A Sample Case on Getting Lost in Prague

I can’t recall the number of times I’ve been lost in the last few years. But in a foreign city, especially one as labyrinthine and medieval as Prague, it seemed to happen all the time, especially in the early going. This wasn’t a big issue out in Stodůlky because there wasn’t much out there to […]