The Path to the Top (is lined with stairs): Annotated photographs


The destination: Prague Castle, that distant spire. Beginning point: right here in Malostranská


A relatively broad street not far from the Metro station. It’s likely this wasn’t the most direct route to the castle. I was merely heading in what seemed like the right direction.


When lo-and-behold! I find the exact make, model, and color of my old car. Let’s call it kismet.


At last. You know you’ve reached the perimeter of the Castle when you reach the row of stairs which go on as far as the eye can see. Pity the handicapped.


A view of the city at twilight. Looking southeast towards the river.


Though flying solo on this adventure, other folks were out to enjoy the view. There in the background is Petřín hill. To the left of the falling sun is the lookout tower, which resembles the Eiffel in Paris. I’m not sure but it may be the highest point in Prague.


Standing guard outside the Presidential Palace. They do a changing of the guard every so often, goose-stepping and what not.


That’s easily one of the Top 5 coolest lamps I’ve ever seen.


I’m not going to lie: I don’t know what the historical significance of this is, but I like the resulting picture.


Ah! There were taxis!


Meandering away from the castle (it was getting too dark to see the St. Vitus Cathedral and other landmarks), I ventured down this narrow alley.


It opened up into another area in Hradčany (Castle District)


The Loreta.


A clearly massive structure, imminently white. I never did determine what building this is.


Looking back on conquered ground.


Having returned to Malostranská safe and sound, I probably went off in search of a pivo. Giddup!


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