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The Path to the Top (is lined with stairs): Annotated photographs


The Prague Apartment: Part 2

We were back to square one on the apartment hunt and time was running out. We redoubled our search efforts. Eventually, we made contact with a middle-aged man named Charles. Charles had the look and gait of a retired tennis player. He had bushy eyebrows, cropped salt and pepper hair. He wore a brightly colored […]

Brussels, Belgium, Part 1: Voyages aux Passages

Back in April when my girlfriend and I visited Brussels, I had this idea that I would write about the trip and our experiences there differently from the sequential chronology of my Prague stories. My first instinct was to divide the trip into varying categories, by Belgian beer, food, architecture, or notable tourist spots, for […]

Walking: in Prague and elsewhere

I walk a lot. This isn’t a particularly interesting or revealing admission, I know. When I was younger, I never paid much attention to walking because I seemed to be running all the time. As a kid, I played the usual sports – soccer, baseball, basketball, hockey – always moving at high speed. I felt […]