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The Prague Apartment: The Kung Fu Palace

The clock was ticking. September was quickly coming to a close. My roommates and I had less than a week before we’d be out on the street. It was a chaotic rush to find new accommodations, especially since the three of us were teaching by this point, which didn’t leave a lot of extra time […]

A mosaic of Tunisia

The salesmen in the souks of Tunisia have been blessed with the gift of gab. The vast majority of them are multilingual and will try to snare potential customers by attempting to guess his or her nationality. The official language in Tunisia is Arabic, but I’ve heard them prattle on in English, German, Russian, and […]

Post-Holiday musings

So, where have I been? Home.             That’s a bit of a loaded question, I admit. I let this blog go idle during the holiday season because my girlfriend and I took a nearly three-week trip to the U.S.A. to visit my family and friends. It was long overdue, considering the last time I had […]