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The Classroom

          The classroom was a narrow, angular room on the top floor of the building. A horseshoe shaped arc of desks covered the circumference of the room. The desks were those hybrid combinations of table and chair, consisting of metal and molded hard plastic, in order to save space. The table top could be folded […]

Orientation to Václavské náměstí

            Full disclosure: I have started to read Keith Richard’s autobiography “Life.” So forgive me if I start to inadvertently mimic his voice and style either during this entry or subsequent others. I don’t think I’ll ever write like a “hipster pirate” as one of the blurbs suggests, but you can never be too careful […]

Berlin, Germany – Part 1: Into the heart of the lion’s den

  I moved to Prague at the end of July 2009. Prior to my departure, I had signed up to take a month long training course at a language school there to teach English as a foreign language. Upon successful completion of said course, I would receive a certificate and be offered a job within their school, […]