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The Prague Apartment: The Kung Fu Palace

The clock was ticking. September was quickly coming to a close. My roommates and I had less than a week before we’d be out on the street. It was a chaotic rush to find new accommodations, especially since the three of us were teaching by this point, which didn’t leave a lot of extra time […]

The Prague Apartment: Part 1

About three-quarters through the experience of The Classroom, those of us who were determined to stay in Prague had the collective realization that we would need a place to live after our student housing contracts expired. Up until that point, we had been coddled like babies, but now it was time to take matters into […]

Back from Brussels

These next few weeks are going to be very busy. I’ll be changing residences at the beginning of May, and as I’m sure many of you know, moving is a time-consuming and stressful pain-in-the-ass. With any luck, it will all go smoothly, but until then, a lot of time will necessarily be dedicated to boxing […]

Now on Facebook

Hi there!If you’re now reading this, I suppose there is a decent chance you might actually like the content on this website. Well, dear reader, I ultimately aim to please. Should you care to receive notifications when new material has been published online, you have two options: You can subscribe as a “Follower” if you […]

Arriving in Prague: The Boondocks of Stodůlky

It is a humbling experience when you look down and see that all of your most essential possessions can fit inside one red suitcase, one (borrowed) military issued duffel bag, one oversized black leather messenger bag, and an Adidas backpack. There is, after all, a limit to the amount of stuff you can transport by […]

A Prelude to Prague

            Before I begin my stories about Prague, I feel like some additional background is necessary. As I mentioned in my preamble, I first came to Prague in July 2009. But why? How come I all of a sudden packed my bags, flew caution to the wind, and hopped on a […]

Berlin: Part 2

             With no itinerary and no map, the three of us had no idea where we were or what we were going to do. By chance, a train station happened to be right next to the Czech embassy, so we decided to take a ride on the U-Bahn. I’m sure an entire essay could be […]


Perhaps it’s fitting that in less than one month from today’s first entry I will be 30 years old. It occurs to me that though I am not truly old on a human, much less galactic, level, I have already forgotten most of what I’ve learned. Life has turned into a slippery slope of trying […]